Thursday, May 10, 2012

This or That tag!

So this morning when I got up, I did my usual morning routine.  I got Aurora up, changed her, fed her then I sat down and opened and turned on my laptop.  Does any one else have a routine they do in the morning, even when they get on the internet?  Just me?  That's what I thought.  I do my emails, then Blogger, then Facebook, then YouTube.  I know, my life is SO exciting!  Anyways, in my list of updated blogs comes Arianne Cruz.  One of the bloggers that I have gotten to know over the past year since I started to follow her.  In my opinion she is one of the most laid back and honest-read that as NOT FAKE, bloggers that I follow.  Get back on topic Trellyn!  Ok, her entry for today is a This or That tag.    She found it on another blog, Paperback Treasures.  I'm glad she found it because I found it from her!   I LOVE blogging!   Ok so here it is.  This is an open tag, so if you like it please use it!  

Sunrise or sunset?
I love a good sunset, when I'm able to enjoy it.
 Half-empty or half-full?
It's always half-full.  I always try to think on the positive side.
Summer or winter?
How about Spring and Fall!
Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla ice cream for sure!  I love chocolate sauce though.
Outdoors or indoors? 
          Outdoors!  I was raised on 275 acres.  I can hunt and fish.  I LOVE to get muddy from riding   my four wheeler!
Cats or dogs?
Being in a crowd or being alone?
That depends.  If I'm in the right place I love to be around a crowd.  But usually I just like to be alone.
Being able to change the past or living with your mistakes?
I think we all want to change the past but we all know we can't.  We just have to remember that it makes us who we are and to just go with it.
Superpower: invisibility or flying?
I would defiantly want to be invisible.  The things I could hear/learn/do.
 Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?
I love them all but if they are a series they have to match.  I can't have a few in a series be paperback, then hardcover and a couple as an ebook.  I'm OCD about that.  lol
Reading or writing?
I love to read but if I have the opportunity to write I will take it!
Typing on the computer or traditional writing on paper?
Writing.  I enjoy seeing my form.  I like the way I write.
Description or dialogue? (which is easier for you)
YA or adult books? (for reading)
 Let me know your answers in the comments!


Arianne Cruz said...

yey u did the post!! :)
so glad to see my name in there and I'm glad to have u as one of the few regular readers!

great answers, we mostly have the same except for the animal thing haha.

Trellyn said...

Of course your name would be in there. I got it from you! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!