Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times

Punkadoodle has been sick.  She has congestion again.   Then I got sick too.  :(  No worries tho, we are both better now.  While I was in Walgreens getting my scrip I thought I would check out the makeup and polishes.

Like always.

Of course I found something of interest.   It was a pretty display of the Essie Luxeffects collections. I picked up As Gold as it Gets, Pure Pearlfection and two of this beauty right here, Shine of the Times.

This is the only picture I have currently.  Yes it's from my phone.  I apologize for the really bad cuticles.  This weather here in Kentucky has been crazy stupid.  For instance, on Thursday of this past week it was snowing and school was cancelled for Friday, while everyone played in the snow.  Today we had severe thunderstorms with not one but TWO tornado warnings.  We also got some hail!  Anyways, here is the picture.  When I swatch the other two I will do an updated swatch of this one too.

In the bottle you don't see the green.  When I was looking at the bottle all I saw was a copper and a gold flake.  It wasn't till after the application did it show it's true colors.  There is a green tone, fuchsia tone, and a gold tone. The copper that I saw in the bottle didn't come out on the nail.  :(

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Find of the week: Blushing Noir

So I found a new blog this week and all I can say is, Why didn't I find this girl earlier.
I LOVE reading what this kid is saying.  Yeah, I know shes not a kid!
Anyways, she was listed as Too Faced Cosmetics LEVEL 1 Beauty Blogger of the Month for January 2012!   Pretty awesome!!!!!
So being the awesome BB that she is, she is giving away a $100 eCard to Too Faced!
Of course there are some rules and regulations.  I'll let Brooke tell you about it.  Click the picture below and it will take you to her blog.  Please dont forget to look around while you are there and to subscribe too!

Thanks baby dolls!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas was in the air!

We had an amazing Christmas at my mamaw's house this year.  It was my daughter 2nd one but the first one where she was able to enjoy it and open presents, she was only 25 days old for her first one.  She got a whole new wardrobe!  It was very much needed.  I got a nail polish display, some make-up and two Anita Blake Vampire Hunter graphic novels.  I'll have to find everything, take some pictures and do a haul post.  Here are a few pictures of just the afternoon in general.

Just love this look!

Aurora and her Aunt Randa


Playing Godzilla with her farm.

Her new blanky that her Mammy(my mamaw) made her.

Playing "peep eye" with her pappy(my papaw).

She gave up opening her presents after the third one so I finished them for her.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aurora's 1st Birthday

Well, this is a month late.  But my baby girl turned one on December 1st.  We had her birthday party on the 4th.  We had a LOT of family come out to help us celebrate.  She got an endless supply of toys it seems!  I did the decorations along with her cakes.  Here are some pictures.

Her custom made tutu dress.

There was a total of 24 balloons.  ALL of them were stuffed in my 4dr Pontiac Sunfire. lol

She had fun with her cake.  Didn't get as much on her as I was expecting.