Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber

Well, lets see how this goes.  I have never written a book review before, not counting those awful dreaded ones yo write in high school.  YUK!
     Darker Still: A Magic Most Foul is a wonderful book to me.  I love the mix of magic and the way people carried themselves in the 1800's.  I wouldn't call this steam-punk as it didn't have that feel to me.  It's more Victorian with magic.
     The magic in this book is very reminiscent of the story of Dorian Gray.  Such a fantastic idea by the amazing Oscar Wilde.   A gentleman's portrait that catches his youth so he may live forever, less he were to ever gaze upon it.  I also see some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
     The book is written in a diary format.  While this isn't my favorite way to read a book, I do appreciate that I know that it is always written in the 1st person.  The writer of the diary is Natalie Stewart, an almost 18 year old who, after a tragic event as a youth, is mute.  Her father is a curator at the museum that wins the bid to house the painting of Lord Denbury.  Mrs. Northe, a lady who is intrigued by the painting and helps the museum get the painting, becomes Natalie's mentor.  Together they figure out the magic of the painting and how to "solve" it.
     The premise behind the painting is that the young Lord Denbury was tricked by evil and his portrait was painted thus catching his soul within, while the evil took possession of his body. Can you see how I get the Dorian Gray/Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde?   I'm not the only one who thinks this, it's written everywhere.
     When it comes to romance, it's muh.  It's not really there.  Yes, it's written but I never felt the tension.  It was also inevitable that our young Natalie would fall for the Lord.  That's just the way YA goes.  I just wish it could have been UNpredictable.
     So, my conclusion:
     Would I recommend this? Absolutely
     Would I read it again? No, but that's just because I don't read books more then once.
     How do I rate this? 4 stars
     Am I going to continue the series? You betcha!

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