Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Haulage!!!

I went shopping after class today.  I went to CosmoProf and TJMaxx.  So happy with what I got!!!

These are all items that I need for work.  I'm a cosmetologist.  Those are highlighting needle set on the left and color brushes on the right, there is a third brush in the back of those two that is black.  It matches the needle set. Bought at CosmoProf.

These will be my back up clippers.  I currently use a cordless Wahl Eclipse.  I got these at TJ Maxx.

The first two are dresses for me.  This one above is a cute outfit for my punkadoodle.
LOVE this purse.  Going to be putting my stuff in it as soon as I get done with this post.
I love SexyHair products and I'm SUPER excited about this.  I can't wait to try it.
These are Steve Madden sunglasses.  Like I need another pair!!!!

Last but not last.
 I have NEVER heard of these.  Well I know about nubar but I didn't know they did these.  They were only 3.99!!!  Got em at TJMaxx.
These I got at CosmoProf. All three were 3.25 each. Left to rigth they are Emerald Fitzgerald, Jitterbug, and Sea Spray.


Arianne Cruz said...

Those glasses are cute! And the nail polishes too! :)

Randasand said...

I noticed those clippers yesterday. Cute! Love TJ Maxx!