Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYX order

Well, I'm just going to give up trying to post.   My daughter, work, school, and softball pretty much take up ALL my time.  The only time I get to do anything are the days when she is with her father, and that's usually spent cleaning.  lol  Not complaining tho, wouldn't trade my punkadoodle for anything!!!!

Now, on with my NYX order.  I was so happy to receive this order....granted, it did take extremely long to ship, but I purchased it a few days after their 1.20 sale, so I kinda expected it.  I LOVE everything I got.  The lipgloss while not a color I will wear its still an amazing color.  I've been layering it with my lip sticks to see if I can eventually wear it!

Yes, those are FLAKES!!!!  The three on the left are alone.  The three on the right are over a black base.  The order for both is dark orange, light orange and baby blue.
  All items were purchased by me.

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