Sunday, June 5, 2011

Posts for this coming week.

I'm going to be making two posts this week.  One is going to be me opening my NYX Cosmetics order and the other will be my Fortune Cookie Soap order if it comes in this week. 

My NYX order was placed a few days after their 1.20 12 hour sale.  I did a feedback email to them and they sent me a 50% off code and I used it right away.  I can't remember how many items I got but I remember that is should have been 50 some dollars and I only paid 20 somthing.  I got two polishes, both of which looked like they were flakes!!!!

My FCS order was placed today.  I got the new Shaved Ice item, and the Dragon Fruit Fortune soap, along with two In The Loop items.  I didn't have a code for this order, I was just really wanting these and decided that I shouldn't wait any longer!

I'll post them when I get them.  Also, I should be getting my Birchbox as well,  we will see.  I got my box last month about three days after everyone else had received theirs.

Have a lovely Sunday, bunnies!


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Allison said...

I just got a FCS order on Monday :) And I also got the shaved ice and Dragon Fruit soap as well- I'm using my Dragon Fruit shaved ice tonight actually!