Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times

Punkadoodle has been sick.  She has congestion again.   Then I got sick too.  :(  No worries tho, we are both better now.  While I was in Walgreens getting my scrip I thought I would check out the makeup and polishes.

Like always.

Of course I found something of interest.   It was a pretty display of the Essie Luxeffects collections. I picked up As Gold as it Gets, Pure Pearlfection and two of this beauty right here, Shine of the Times.

This is the only picture I have currently.  Yes it's from my phone.  I apologize for the really bad cuticles.  This weather here in Kentucky has been crazy stupid.  For instance, on Thursday of this past week it was snowing and school was cancelled for Friday, while everyone played in the snow.  Today we had severe thunderstorms with not one but TWO tornado warnings.  We also got some hail!  Anyways, here is the picture.  When I swatch the other two I will do an updated swatch of this one too.

In the bottle you don't see the green.  When I was looking at the bottle all I saw was a copper and a gold flake.  It wasn't till after the application did it show it's true colors.  There is a green tone, fuchsia tone, and a gold tone. The copper that I saw in the bottle didn't come out on the nail.  :(


hailey said...

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Hailey William

Vegan Makeup Junkie said...

Very awesome flakie!From the pics I've seen it looks like it's one of the best around.