Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Birthday

It's going to be my blog birthday on the 31st.  

Not much has changed in the past year on this blog but plenty has in my personal life.  I will spare my lovely readers all the details.  :)

My little baby girl is getting so big now and is into everything.  She is becoming a LOT more independent and doesn't want me to play with her :(.  So this means this momma is getting more time now to get the house clean and get things photographed and get some bloggy blog blog going on.  

I'm very excited to get back into my writing.  I'm going to work on the site as well and make it a little more personable.  I'm also going to start reviewing books.

I didn't make any New Year Resolutions but I do want to offer more for my readers.  I feel that I have let you down with only posting maybe once or twice a month.  You deserve so much more then that.

Now for something absolutely adorable. 


SayAnythingBrooke said...

What a cutie!!

Arianne Cruz said...

advance happy blog birthday...
i just tried to follow u on twitter, it says i'm blocked.. i sent u tweets but i guess it won't show since i'm blocked lol.

okay anyway the purpose of this is to tell u i replied to ur comment on my hunger games post